Tactical Medicine

You are the very first responder when an active shooter attacks you and the people around you. You're the first one on the scene when the person next to you on the range has a negligent discharge. 

It take time for police clear the area for paramedics. This course covers essential emergency medical skills everyone needs to know to be prepared in the field and on the range to to help before help arrives. 

You will learn to assemble a medical kit and treat injuries from explosions, stabbings, and gunshot wounds (including tension pneumothorax). 


Upcoming Class Dates: 

February 18th. 9am - 5pm. 

Instructor Bio

Matt Willette is US Army veteran with ten years Law Enforcement experience and ten years in the private defense market. He served in a variety of leadership assignments including SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Investigations, FTO and is a current sworn reserve police sergeant. Matt is an Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Saver Instructor, and Tactical Life-Saver Instructor.