Custom Security Solutions

High-Net-Worth & Family Office Clients

We offer customized programs for families and individuals responsible for their own security as well as those protected by security teams. 


We offer staff training and security audits for businesses with high-value portable assets or sensitive intellectual property.

Security Teams & Law Enforcment

We offer customized programs for existing security teams and Law Enforcement agencies ready to test their capabilities. 

Tech Solutions

We source technologies which have direct applicability to your unique needs and develop a collection of technological resources that increase physical security without the need for security personnel or outside contractors. 

Threat Assessment

We offer threat assessment services and threat assessment  training for physical & intellectual property security risks including but not limited to corporate espionage, and threats to home and family. 

Medical Training

We offer trauma medical training for family offices, corporate security teams, and Law Enforcement agencies looking to reduce loss of life and liability in the worst case scenarios.