Learn more shoot a Handgun

Course Information

In this private course we dive into the body mechanics and physics behind pistol shooting to develop a fundamental skill set that works for you. This science-based approach takes the mystery out of shooting and makes it easy to consistently hit the bullseye. 

Primary Topics Covered:

  • Firearm safety
  • How handguns work
  • Body mechanics of precision marksmanship 
  • Loading/unloading & malfunction clearing 
  • Legal considerations 
  • Handgun maintenance/ cleaning

What to bring:

  • 200 rounds ammunition (bring yours or buy from us)
  • A handgun (or borrow one of ours)
  • Eye protection (or borrow ours)
  • Ear Protection (or borrow ours)

This course is only open to people 21+ legally allowed to purchase firearms. 


Offered as a private class.


Kris Jacob

Kris holds certifications from Front Sight, SEALFit Academy, Haley Strategic, Team Three Tactical, TSG Ed Santos low light combatives, and HITT Industries Tactical Medicine. He is also an NRA Handgun Instructor and a State of Nevada Certified CCW instructor. Kris holds a 1911 armorers certification from John Jardine (pistolsmith guild), and a Glock armorer certification from Glock Professional.

Josh Perry 

Josh is a Deputy Sheriff in California with 10 years’ experience. He worked in patrol, OHV patrol, narcotics, and grant writing. He was also a law enforcement firearms instructor and armorer, and is a California POST-certified rifle instructor, Glock armorer, and Sig Sauer armorer. Josh has been active in the competitive shooting sports for over five years, attending hundreds of local, state and nationals matches with respectable finishes. In 2014, Josh was the Idaho State Section USPSA Limited 10 Champion.