Private Classes

Program Information

We offer private lessons covering every aspect of pistol, rifle, shotgun, survival, and tactics. We teach two hour classes, five day classes, and everything in between. Each class is customized to individual needs, and topics often include: 

- Marksmanship with pistol or rifle 

- Choosing a pistol for home defense or concealed carry 

- Holster Draw 

- Safety 

- Moving past a fear of firearms 

- Close Quarters Home Defense (taught in the simunition shoot house) 

- Tactical shooting from unusual positions 

- Long Range Precision Rifle 

- Women's only classes 

- Nevada CCW

- Family classes (for ages 5 to 105)

- Carbine shooting 

- 1911 take down (take your gun completely apart and put it back together) 

We also host birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events. Want to have a blast shooting on your big day? We do that. Want to train your corporate team to deal with an active shooter? We do that, too. 


Any time that works for you


Classes for one to three people are $75 per hour.

Classes for three to six people are $125 per hour.

Classes for seven to eleven people are  $200 per hour.

Call for corporate and event pricing. 


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