Private Lessons

Women Only Courses

This course covers unarmed situational awareness and less than lethal Taser or pistol fundamentals in a way which transforms women into ladies who naturally keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Cara, the instructor, especially loves helping students overcome fears of and issues around violence, noise, guns, assaults, and rapes.


We cover all aspects of the AR-15 including shooting, cleaning, and maintaining. 

Want to learn to shoot full auto? We do that, too! 

Shot Gun Fundamentals

Learn the basics of home defense, or prepare for your first duck hunt. Train with Kris Jacob, a lifelong hunter and experienced home defense instructor. Classes are tailored to your needs.

Long Range Precision Rifle

Train with Bill Banner! Bill served two combat tours in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps before becoming an instructor at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center. He taught Scout Sniper Courses and Wilderness Survival Courses to Marines, other U.S. Military Branches, Foreign Military Units, and Local Law Enforcement. The courses included High Angle Marksmanship, Survival, Tracking, Mountaineering, and Mission Planning. Bill has training and certifications in Winter Warfare (Norwegian Allied Officers Course), Mountain Scout Sniper, Reno SWAT Sniper Course, Artic Survival Training, and The Green Side Training for Combat Trackers. 

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Private Lessons Start at $75 per hour. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Chances are we can create a class to meet your needs.