When piñatas aren't enough...

We love hitting paper with sticks, but sometimes your party needs a little more bang. We offer fully automatic shooting expenses, shooting contests, wilderness survival challenges, and fun group lessons custom designed for your big day. Keep reading to learn about some cool stuff we've done before, and let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, we can do it.*

*Unless it's clowns. We don't do clowns.



Mow down zombies in the post apocalyptic Nevada desert with a MP5 submachine gun and a suppressed Glock. You'll get to shoot 30 round magazines   through the MP5 full auto zombie killing machine, and 15 round magazines   through the suppressed semi-auto pistol. Shuush. It's so quiet no one will know you shot it.


Area 51

Flying saucers have advanced technology but nothing stops .223 through a full auto M4. You'll also use a Ruger Precision  long range precision bolt action in .308 to pinpoint the weakness in their deflector shields. The ammo is out there!


Winner Takes All

Complete against your mates in a no holds barred competition with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Shoot for time and accuracy at short range, long range, steel, and clay targets to see who takes the victors prize. 

Want something a little less intense and a little more educational? Don't' worry, we like nerds, too! We offer engaging group classes that are fun on their own and even better paired with a contest or full auto shoot.

Bachelor Parties


We love bachelor parties. Blow stuff up just minutes from South Lake Tahoe. All bachelor parties are custom designed to best fit your group. 

Birthday Parties


Don't just blow out some candles. Celebrate your birthday on the range where you can fire off some rounds. 

Fun For Everyone


Humans over 70lbs are welcome to shoot. We love first time shooters and families. 

The Fine Print

Work with our event planner to create your party. 

Call: 775.815.4344. Text: 775.815.4344

Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Must be 21 years or older to purchase packages with handgun ammunition. Must be over 70lbs to shoot. 

All shooters must be sober. Even if it's your birthday.