Home Defense Shotgun

Course Information

This two day course covers shotgun shooting mechanics, reloads, and home defense tactics. Bust the point-and-shoot shotgun myth and train for malfunctions, multiple attackers, and complex situations with cover and concealment. 

Primary Topics Covered:

  • Firearm safety
  • Breech, semi automatic, and pump action shotgun considerations 
  • Body mechanics of shotgun shooting 
  • Loading/reloading techniques 
  • Malfunction clearing 
  • Ammunition considerations for home defense  
  • Home defense tactics & limitations 
  • Live-fire drills with multiple targets, moving & shooting, and shooting from cover. 

What to bring:

  • 300 rounds bird or buck shot  (bring yours or buy from us)
  • 100 rounds slugs  (bring yours or buy from us)
  • A shotgun (or borrow one of ours)
  • Eye protection (or borrow ours)
  • Ear Protection (or borrow ours)


Offered as a private class 

Instructor: Ira LaBarge

Ira LaBarge is  a retired police Sergeant and Marine Staff Sergeant, and the co-owner  of Bullseye Nevada/Base. He did  two tours in Iraq as a crew served  weapons instructor. He was a Field  Training Officer, Range Officer, and  Department Firearms Instructor for  the local Tribal Police Department.  He is a NRA pistol and carbine  instructor with SWAT certification from  Fox Valley Technical College and  active shooter response training from  Alice Institute. Ira is also an avid deer hunter and outdoorsman.