Home Defense Shotgun

Course Information

This two day course covers shotgun shooting mechanics, reloads, and home defense tactics. Bust the point-and-shoot shotgun myth and train for malfunctions, multiple attackers, and complex situations with cover and concealment. 

Primary Topics Covered:

  • Firearm safety
  • Breech, semi automatic, and pump action shotgun considerations 
  • Body mechanics of shotgun shooting 
  • Loading/reloading techniques 
  • Malfunction clearing 
  • Ammunition considerations for home defense  
  • Home defense tactics & limitations 
  • Live-fire drills with multiple targets, moving & shooting, and shooting from cover. 

What to bring:

  • 300 rounds bird or buck shot  (bring yours or buy from us)
  • 100 rounds slugs  (bring yours or buy from us)
  • A shotgun (or borrow one of ours)
  • Eye protection (or borrow ours)
  • Ear Protection (or borrow ours)


Offered as a private class 

Instructor: Matt & Kris

Matt Willette is US Army veteran with ten years of law enforcement experience and ten years in the private defense market. He served in a variety of leadership assignments including SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Investigations, FTO, and is a current sworn reserve police sergeant. Matt is an Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Saver Instructor, and Tactical Life-Saver Instructor. He is also a Tactical Handgun Instructor, Sig Sauer Armorer, Specialized and Forced Entry Breaching Instructor, Live Fire Shoot house Instructor, and FBI trained Long Range Precision instructor.

Kris started teaching pistol, rifle, and shotgun classes in 2008, and founded Bullseye Nevada in 2009. Since then he's managed a team of instructors with civilian, military and police backgrounds who teach everything from trauma medicine to long range precision rifle.

Kris holds certifications from Front Sight, SEALFit Academy, Haley Strategic, Team Three Tactical, TSG Ed Santos low light combatives, and HITT Industries Tactical Medicine. He is also an NRA Handgun Instructor and a State of Nevada Certified CCW instructor. Kris holds a 1911 armorers certification from John Jardine (pistolsmith guild), and a Glock armorer certification from Glock Professional.