HandGun Safety

This course will cover a variety of often over-looked topics relating to weapons handling, range etiquette, legal considerations, and even the economics of safety. The class is taught in a dynamic free form method that encourages student participation and discussion. This is not the typical canned range safety brief, this is safety turned on its head and put into a new light. 

Primary Topics Covered: 

  • Weapons safety rules 
  • Handgun handling procedures 
  • Range etiquette and safety considerations 
  • Economics of safety 
  • Safety scenarios 

What to Bring: 

  • Notebook and pencil 
  • Good attitude 
  • An open mind 


Offered as a private class

Instructor: Cara Lawler

Cara is a Bullseye Nevada trained handgun instructor who completed pistol training with Team 3 Tactical, instructor certification with the NRA, and Tactical Medical training with HITT industries. She is a certified Glock Armorer. Cara specializes in teaching new shooters.