Firearms Training Academy

Gunfit is a realistic, challenging, and fun firearms training program that offers day and evening classes every week for devoted shooters.

Gunfit is Life

Gunfit classes meet at outdoor ranges and in our indoor simunition facility to give students the best of live fire shooting and realistic force on force simulations which prepare for real life situations. 


Gear - Up

- Safety  - Gear Testing  - Weapon manipulations 

Students graduate Gear-Up able to safely shoot, load, unload, manipulate, and draw from the holster. Don't have a gun or a holster you love? Come to Gear-up and try ours! 

Level 2 Curriculum

- Cover, Concealment & Castle Tactics  - Low Light Combatives 

- Shooting & Moving  - Force on Force Simulations 

Level 2 graduates are able to draw and hit stationary targets while moving and using handheld/onboard flashlights. We offer exciting force on force scenarios including movement within the home, multiple target engagement, and more. 

Prerequisites: Pass Level 1 Test. 

Level 1 Curriculum

- Marksmanship  - Holster Draw - Magazine Changes  - Malfunctions

Students graduate level 1 able to quickly draw from concealment and hit stationary targets after clearing a malfunction.

Prerequisites: Pass Gear-up Test. Eye pro, noise canceling ear pro, firearm with extra mag, and a holster. 

Level 3 Curriculum

- Team/Family Tactics & Communication

- Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun transitions  - Shooting Moving Targets

- Advanced Simulations with TacMed

Level 3 students will practice advanced techniques preparing for real life situations like self defense in a vehicle and shooting moving targets while on the run.

Prerequisites: Pass Level 2 Test and take our Tactical Medicine (TacMed)
course (or EMT certification). 


Dave Osowski

Dave is a retired peace officer with 35 years experience in law enforcement and private security. He has P.O.S.T. certifications as a peace officer, Firearms instructor, and P.O.S.T Instructor Development. He has conducted training for individual and multi-agency academies including officer safety survival, patrol procedures, weapons & tactics, active shooter response, critical incident response and asset protection.

Kris Jacob

Kris started teaching pistol, rifle, and shotgun classes in 2008. Since then he's managed a team of instructors who taught more than 1,700 courses in California and Nevada last year. Kris holds certifications from Front Sight, SEALFit Academy, Haley Strategic, Team Three Tactical, TSG Ed Santos low light combatives, and HITT Industries Tactical Medicine. He is also an NRA Handgun Instructor, Taser International Civilian Instructor, and a certified GLOCK armorer.


DK is a decorated Marine Corps Scout Sniper Team Leader, Regimental Training Cadre Instructor for the 7th Marine Regiment, and Sniper Instructor responsible for training Scout Sniper Teams in mountain mobility, skiing, stalking, tracking, and high angle, carbine, and pistol marksmanship. He holds certifications in live tissue trauma, foreign weapons instruction, and cold weather medicine.


Cara is a Bullseye Nevada trained handgun instructor who completed pistol training with Team 3 Tactical, instructor certification with the NRA, and Tactical Medical training with HITT industries. Cara specializes in teaching new shooters. 


Ira did two tours in Iraq as a Marine Staff Sergeant and crew served weapons instructor. He is a NRA pistol instructor with SWAT certification from Fox Valley Technical College and active shooter response training from Alice Institute. Ira is an active law enforcement officer, Field Training Officer, Range Officer, and Department Firearms Instructor.

Weekly Schedule


5pm - 6pm       Gear-Up (Bullseye Nevada Sim Facility) 


10am- 11am   Gear-Up (Pinenut Range)

11am - 12pm    Level 1 (Pinenut Range)


5pm - 6pm     Level 1 (At Pinenut Range or in Bullseye Nevada Sim Facility)


9am- 10pm   Gear-Up (Pinenut Range)

10am - 11am   Level 1 (Pinenut Range)

We offer several three hour clinics once a month for students Level 2+. These three hours clinics are scheduled at the start of every month. Level 2+ classes are held on the range and in our Sim Facility during day light and after dark. 


How to Join

Unlimited classes only $99 per month. Membership includes unlimited firearm training classes and a 10% discount on remanufactured ammunition. Month-to-month billing no commitments.

Drop-in single class $25. Can't make regular classes? Live far away? Pay only when you can make it to class. 

Call us! (775) 392-0828 or Email

The Legal Stuff 

ID or DL required for Gear-Up and Level 1. CCW or Sheriff's letter required for Level 2+. All students must have the physical and mental abilities necessary for firearm safety. Must be 18 or older. Under 21 must have parent consent.