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Team Building

Reaching objective is what business is all about.  This is a skill honed to a knife's edge in the military and first-responder community.  Imagine if your team could share the survival, medical and situational execution skills of our elite military and law enforcement professionals.  You can. You will.


Our adventure-oriented events range from rugged wilderness survival to scotch, cigars, and fire-starting luxury functions. Our event planner will work with your team to create an exclusive retreat in the wild High Sierras. 


Experience.  This is what your customers crave & expect.  Experience the exhilaration of  an MP5 submachine gun and Full Auto M4 in the Nevada desert, guided by a group of experienced military veterans and range safety experts, this will be once in lifetime adventure, that will have them talking for months.


Connect with our event planner to create the perfect event for your team. 

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